glenn glasser photography

it isn’t often that i run across a photographer’s web site so perfectly designed, so originally displayed and so, well, right on that a hint of jealousy begins to brew like troubling gas. but today i did.

i’d like to introduce you to glenn glasser.

to say i stumbled upon his site would be a lie. a couple days ago, a photographer’s rep made her rounds at my agency of employment and glasser’s portfolio was among the dozen or so books we got to review. his stood out for a number of reasons.

first and foremost — his portraits and scenes tell a story about individuals that takes me many, many words to convey. they’re beautiful, honest, simple, and i need to learn his craft before reading becomes so passé that i’m forced right out of a job.

secondly — i saw a picture of a woman who looked so familiar, i was sure i’d seen her before (TV, print, somewhere). her eyes drew me in, and i couldn’t stop thinking about how i thought i knew her. turns out i don’t, but once i contacted glasser, he happily told me her story. (i’ll blog about the beautiful and talented kelly sebastian another day. right now, it’s all about glasser.) and the shot of her is amazing. aside from how it looks like it was an accident, it’s just plain fun.

anyway, let me take a page from glasser’s book and stop blabbing. i’ve added a few of my favorite selects, but you should really check out his truly awesome site (inspired by glasser but made possible by the equally talented tanka design).

kelly takes a bite

some peeps glasser met on the street

glasser’s grandparents

sexy time

fine print: all photos are the sole property of glenn glasser. don’t be stealin’ his stuff, yo!


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