a not-so-virgin offering

a recent trip to canada for a wedding indoctrinated me into the catholic church for the first time in years. although every piece of scripture, liturgy, eucharist, etc. were cradled in the tantalizing yet troublesome (to my spanish background) french language, it brought about interesting thoughts and memories for me. catholicism was once a sacred and mandatory time in my life. later, it became more mandatory, as did every religion. i found nothing sacred, meaningful or sincere in any of its hotbeds of hypocrisy, intolerance and lies. so, to be asked by my former employer to write copy centered around that very struggle just to help us win a coveted new business pitch (virgin) was the deepest, blackest pile of unchartered waters i would face. but who was i to judge? write, i did.

but it wasn’t just some site created with the intention of insulting religions or making those who “believe” feel inferior to others. it started as a sincere, “hey — let’s give busy religious folks what they want — an online community for sharing, and let virgin sponsor it.” and here appeared imass.com: mass on your terms — not on your knees.

this may not be the most dynamic web site of its day, but i’ll take simplicity and truism any day over half-hearted, over-designed sites that exist solely for the sake of one designer’s ego.

virgin pitch: imass web site

virgin pitch: imass web site


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