it’s a wrap in NYC

so here i am in the slice of heaven that is the overcrowded, yet beautiful and coveted city of new york for a photoshoot. and rather than roam around this smelly grid to find delicious grub, a late night, an early wake up, a long day at a stunning long island estate, 4+ hours worth of driving and a cat nap left me strapped for energy. my apathy to the outside world gave way to an overpriced, but tasty room-service burger and fries. i won’t lie, i was upset for not venturing out, but i’ll be back sooner than later.

oh, btw: so far, the best line overheard on the train ride here was a “d’oh!” conversation between two women in their early 20s. there was at least 30 minutes left in the train ride when one woman who was visiting NYC looked out the window at a small, inconspicuous bridge over the hudson river and said to the other woman who LIVES IN NYC, “is that the brooklyn bridge?” and how did the manhattanite respond, “hmmm. i don’t know.” she didn’t know? was she kidding? wow. anyhoo …

view from the westin (not the w, hizzle) on 43rd and 8th ave.

day 1 of the shoot went swimmingly well. we hired a brilliant photographer jim fiscus who, thank jeebus, doesn’t know how to take a bad shot. and he’s from dallas — of course he’s brilliant.

and the location, oheka castle, couldn’t be more incredible. this dude built his home on 440+ acres of land on the (then) highest point in long island. the home is still the 2nd-largest private residence ever built in the u.s. what the heck he needed it all for, i’ll never know. but it’s gorgeous.

a few pics taken with my phone don’t quite give its beauty the justice it deserves.

(i don’t know what this signifies, i just know i like siamese kiduns.)

tomorrow, we head to jersey city. wonder what beauty that location will hold. i’m heading back early friday, so i’ll miss day 3. and of course, the day i’ll miss is the day we shoot at the plaza. shite. but coming home early, means coming home to my bugger earlier than planned. sure do miss that cray little furball.

aunt carey and uncle robby spoil him rotten. what a lucky nugget.


One response to “it’s a wrap in NYC

  1. corksandcaftans

    shit I wrote this huge comment then didn't publish correctly. I said… I didn't realize what awesome locations you were at in the city! Amazeballs. That house in increds! Love the view in NYC, late afternoon, so far up that it almost feels peaceful, right? Love this post. Can't wait for more and more and more. Miss you Leo, you cray ball of furs and purrs! LOVING all the photos! xo C

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