i want you. and you.

inspired by the infamous icanhas “do not want,” here’s a little something i DO want. or need, rather. oh hell, who am i kidding? need doesn’t even cover it. if this doesn’t make its way into my closet and thus onto my person, i might keel over and die. and nope, i ain’t being dramatic.

yarnie by shin choi

found here on this smorgasbord of a blog. (not unlike my own smorgasbord of a blog. although she has way more info and fun pictures.)

p.s. thank you for pointing the way to her blog, hizzle. without you i would have never found that angelic wonder or this devilish delight:

deep dish chocolate chip cookies. WHAT!

the easiest recipe in the world can be found here.


2 responses to “i want you. and you.

  1. Thanks Amanda!! That recipe is amazing isn't it?? I'm half regretting that I found it though b/c it's bcome a bi-weekly thing. Looking forward to reading your blog often.

  2. corksandcaftans

    Tell me more about this dress, little one….

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