the challenge

a coworker sparked something in me the other day with an idea for writing a 250-word essay centered around 1 word, and i want to try it. (creativity is still floating around my brain, imagine that.) i suppose it could be based around a single topic, as well, but let’s just start with one word for now. it can be any word, and i’m taking suggestions.

questions: how often should the word appear in the essay? does the essay need to follow any format or is it one giant free-for-all? i don’t know, my coworker and i didn’t get that far, so i’ll make you a deal: if i pick your word, you can make the rules.

ready? it’s all on you, folks. so lay it on me like warm california sunshine.

(ahh. now i’m daydreaming about cali. shit. focus, murphy!)


4 responses to “the challenge

  1. corksandcaftans

    Hm. I say free-for-all with some semblance of adherence to the topic. Like, if you chose "kitten" you'd probably be talking about your first experiences with a kitten, not defining their features from whisker to tail. Maybe you should just title the essay that word, then not use it once in the essay. My word choice is: Bible.

  2. My first thought was to not use the word at all in the essay, too. Maybe you could post the essay without disclosing the word and make it a contest to see who can guess the topic. That would further challenge your writing skills to make the topic not obvious. Maybe that would be lame.

  3. amanda d. murphy

    i love the idea of not using the word anywhere in the essay. nice! and jessi, if i go your route, that will really up the ante on my writing skills. this challenge smells good. i'm excited.

    i need more suggestions or i'm going with c's, b/c i really do hate decision-making.

  4. You want suggestions? Here you go: sleep, school, children, time, music, men, women, carrots.

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