economy shmebonomy, i need a lobotomy

today’s horoscope from astrocenter:

“An unexpected financial windfall could come your way today, amanda. You may stand there, with an opened envelope in your hand, unable to speak. Whether it is an unanticipated bonus, a gift, or a surprising stock dividend, be sure to invest the money wisely. You have spent a lot of money recently; it would be good for you to begin to rebuild the coffers.”

well, they got one sentence right and one sentence wrong, and i would bet the life of manny the moo cow (leo’s all-time favorite toy) that you all can guess which is which.

and if not, stay tuned. i’m about to give away the punchline in 2 and 2. (hey! lookie there: a chuck woolery reference. who would’ve thought i could work that guy into a post?)

i’m tired of hearing and saying “in today’s economy,” but everywhere i go and with everything i do it’s in my face. and rightly so — it ain’t pretty, hasn’t been pretty and it ain’t gonna be pretty for a while. i’m just over it. i’m a solution-seeker and quite fond of problem-solving, so i’m (im)patiently waiting for the economy to find itself a happy home again. in the meantime, thanks to a lost client and “today’s economy,” i’ve had to take a pay-cut at work. boo hoo, i know. the loss is nothing compared to the complete loss of income that a layoff brings. i’ve watched friends and family members suffer through that god-awful murder on the ego, psyche and budget. and i’m in no shape to take on something as detrimental as that. so on one hand, i’m grateful. but the other hand is terrified of losing this little bit of income. (i think it’s more of a wake-up call, but regardless, it’s there. and it’s ugly.)

so, to help combat this mini loss, i’ve decided a few cutbacks of my own were in order.

1. i said goodbye to the Y. oh, sweet gym membership. what a colossal waste of money you’ve been for the last 10 months. i have a sweet new road bike hanging out here just begging to be ridden more.

2. no more weeds. no more californication. no more drama. i canceled (gasp!) showtime, HBO, my DVR service and even my digital cable. but alas, HGTV and the history channel are still there.

3. self control is my friend. i pared down my verizon services and no longer have unlimited texting. WHAT? i know. but it sounds worse than it is. i can text all my verizon buds without fear, but there’s a limit of 1500 for non-verizon folks. i have high hopes that i can manage this.

4. eat. i have no problem eating, per se. the problem i have is shopping for the food to eat. i suck at it. and i despise it. (just ask my mom. i dreaded this errand nearly as much as i now dread getting my car’s oil changed.) but i will force myself to do it. i’ll save money and inevitably eat healthier.

up next is my lease. that one’s a bit trickier, so i’ll come back to that.

my head will be uncontrollably spinning and my anxiety will be at an all-new heightened state while i get used to the idea of less money, but for the moment, i’m happy. i see these little setbacks as opportunities to ride that sweet bike, read that stack of books on my nightstand and write the posts/essays/thoughts/stories i know i can write. (oh, and call my peeps more. they’d like that.)

p.s. i hope you all guessed correctly. i’d hate to take away manny from leo’s grip. that sure would make for a sad kidun.


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