challenge complete

The challenge:
Write a 250-word essay about just one word.

The options:
Bible, sleep, school, children, time, music, men, women, carrots, Storfal. (Storfal is me. A good buddy calls me that. I’ll tell you why another day.)

The rules:
Free-flow is expected. Semblance is encouraged. Use of the chosen word is a no-no.

The winner:
You figure it out.

Hint: It’s not “carrots,” although I’m wishing I chose that orange wonder, instead. What a tough challenge. Tomorrow, I must balance the deep with a little duh. Anyway, here we go.


Do you remember when James Frey was criticized, shunned and publicly shamed for allowing his book, A Million Little Pieces, no matter how perfectly written, to be falsely portrayed as truth when in fact most of it was discovered to be fiction, or grand embellishments, to say the least? I do. And I remember not caring. I remember thinking it was so flawless in its delivery, so rebellious in its form, so poetic in its synchronization, and just so beautifully written. And from that moment forward, I would very nearly believe any word he ever wrote. Every pause. Every period. Every comma. I hung on the balance like a well-played puppet. I would aspire to his level. His prestige. I cared not that his exaggerations were so easily exposed. I was riding the faith wave for one Mr. James Frey, and not a single naysayer could convince me otherwise.

Then I grew older. I learned that admiration and trust don’t necessarily need to go hand-in-hand. I learned a lot of what I used to believe could be squashed with just a little research. I learned the truth shall set ye free. And I learned to question everything.

Which begs another question, where does blind faith really lead us? Is it possible to move forward with one set of information when contradictory evidence points you elsewhere? How much is our faith really worth?

I won’t answer that rhetorical question. It’s just too personal. (And I just don’t want to.)


(P.S. I highly recommend you read this book, if only to admire his skills. You can buy this baby for one whole cent (plus S&H) at Awesome.)


3 responses to “challenge complete

  1. Bible.

  2. amanda d. murphy

    congrats. if i had a prize, you'd win it, jess. haha

  3. Winning is always prize enough. Except when I'm the only contestant.

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