deep in the heart of tejas

when i stood in front of my dining room table, thumbing through the june anthropologie catalog, i had to sit down and refrain from rubbing the glorious pages all over me while simultaneously grinning from ear to ear. i wanted to jump out of my skin and live in this catalog. not because anthropologie approaches their catalogs with such conceptual photography that breathes a certain attitude, air if you will, into its selection (rare in the world of blah, sterile fashion catalogs), but because of the location they chose as their backdrop: AUSTIN. hello, lovely. why i’m just now posting this ode to anthro is beyond me, and quite honestly, i feel a little silly considering i counted 6 other blogs that have already (and undoubtedly in a more timely manner) shared the same love with the world, but whatevs. i’ll keep it simple, especially because my knowledge is so little of austin, thus making it impossible for me to swing you around on a virtual tour of that delightful haven in the middle of my homestate, like the brilliant ladies from design crisis did.

transplant thee to austin, please and thank you.

p.s. if you have a copy of blind pilot’s 3 rounds and a sound lying around, pop it in and skip to “i buried a bone.” perfect for imagining a sweltering texas afternoon with beer and tacos on a patio.


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