grounded by grace

grace — giving relief and care to the elderly — is an incredible organization devoted to providing medical services and prescription drugs to local elderly folks who cannot afford these basic necessities. it is an internal charity funded by employees of inventiv health, the parent company of my current employer.

the campaign, meant to honor the greatest generations of our time, included several print and interactive elements. posters juxtaposed great moments in history witnessed by our elderly with the hardships they face today and postcards, placed in each employees’ mailbox, hinted at their lives. the posters and postcards included a link to a microsite that expanded on these heroes’ stories with journal entries from their past and present and also included a short fundraising video. weekly HTML e-mails helped keep grace etched in employees’ minds throughout the campaign.

i love this campaign not only because of its purpose, but because of the end result. we raised more money in 2008 than all the years before, it’s my best work yet and i’ve got a couple awards to show for it.

(because of rights issues, we were only allowed to enter the posters. and what incredible posters they were. i’ll post the remaining pieces another time.)

-2009 gold graphis
-2009 NORIs (albany ad club): best nonprofit campaign, best color photography and best in show
-2009 american graphic design and advertising
-2009 summit creative awards

moon man

man on the moon

iwo jima

iwo jima

rosie the riveter

rosie the riveter


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