2 kitters. 6 days. endless entertainment.

leo’s favorite aunt and uncle, hizzle and robby, jetted off for an end-of-summer retreat to visit the ‘rents in florida last week. and lucky for us, that meant cousin eli was ours. while they spent lazy days by the pool, dousing themselves in vitamin d, cold beer and crisp wine, i was basking in the glow of a double dose of fur and giggles. i don’t know what was more fun for the kitters: sneaking off to eat each other’s food or playing the ultimate game of chase, attack and roll.

aren’t they a handsome duo?

the calm before the storm.

a blur of fighting fur.

that’s not your food, eli.

nope. not yours either, leo.

one gray paw.

emo eli.

“are you out there, eezlesworth?”

we can’t wait for sleepover numero dos.


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