it’s all your fault, anthropologie.

the items you are about to see constitute way more than a simple want, which is why silently adding them to my wishpot just won’t do. as i used to say as a child with seldom positive results, “i neeeeed it, daddy.” can’t you see why?

i’ll take 2, please and thank you. (magnifying sconce, $48)

must. have. now. (in-motion clock, $88)

way tastier than the food pyramid. (brigitta dresser, $798)

endless hours of fun to be had with these. (slate coaster and chalk set, $24)

say my name, say my name. (woodblock napkin, $16)

isn’t this the bees knees? (hello, goodbye knob, $42)

i could add about 100 other things, but i shan’t. all items available at the always-amazing


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