new digs

relocation efforts from are underway.

so many nifty elements to consider, edit and add. do i like this theme? how can i tone down the huge honkin’ font all over? am i allowed to remove that fella’s author line from the bottom? (this is MY blog now, yo. get outta there.) and the money question — should i import the old blogs to this site or start from scratch? thoughts?

the answers will have to come tomorrow. tommy need sleep.

p.s. thanks hizzle for suggesting wordpress. i already love it more.


One response to “new digs

  1. corksandcaftans

    Groovy! Me likey! Unfort, the theme creator’s name will usually exist down there, unless you can like edit the CSS/HTML or something… but I doubt it. Anyway, already super groovy!!! I love that ‘tucket photo! p.s. I would import your old ones… they were too good not to! And the portfolio ones, obvs 🙂

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