“and made him the king of all wild things”

a couple weeks ago, peeps couldn’t stop talking about the children’s book-turned-3d movie, cloudy with a chance of meatballs. i felt so out of place, so slighted, so lost. i couldn’t remember ever reading this book as a child. what did i miss? i’m guessing it’s because i was too busy reading the encyclopedia (shut it), shel silverstein, or this glorious piece of wisdom:

there she is. thanks to spike jonze and a bunch of other big timers, one of my all-time favorite childhood books, where the wild things are, is headed to the big screen. (shite! i just realized i have no idea where this book is. mom, please tell me i didn’t let you sell it to a haggler for 25ยข at one of our many, many garage sales.) when this delightful movie trailer lit up my (ahem) monster, 20″ target special TV, i grinned. EAR. TO. EAR. and, i’m quite positive, out came a little clap of glee, too. i can’t describe how excited i am to see this. even the typeface of the credits makes me happy. so, get out there and see it october 16, folks. (that means you, hizzle.) i sure will. it boasts quite the line-up, too:

catherine keener as “mom” (into the wild, lovely & amazing, being john malkovich)

max records as “max”

mark ruffalo as “boyfriend” (reservation road, zodiac, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind)

the lovely lauren ambrose, as the voice of “KW” (6 feet under)

chris cooper, as the voice of “douglas” (jarhead, capote, adaptation, american beauty)

james gandolfini, as the voice of “carol” (sopranos, the mexican)

catherine o’hara, as the voice of “judith” (for your consideration, a mighty wind, best in show, waiting for guffman)

fellow texan forest whitaker, as the voice of “ira” (last king of scotland, jason’s lyric)

paul dano, as the voice of “alexander” (there will be blood, little miss sunshine, l.i.e.)


that reminds me. stop by terrible yellow eyes to see an incredible online collection of art, inspired by where the wild things are. you won’t be disappointed. i guarantee it.*

*guarantee void in all cities, counties, parishes, states, provinces, countries, planets.


2 responses to ““and made him the king of all wild things”

  1. Oh I’m having such a lovely time reading your /blog. thanks Amanda for the heads up on the Terrible Yellow Eyes web site ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s made my day. Hope all is well friend. By the way Texas misses you ๐Ÿ™‚

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