the sun will come out tomorrow (or the next day)

aside from the cuddles of one cray kidun, known as dr. leo marvin, and a few good buds who know when i need a hearty laugh or session of screams followed by breathless tears, or maybe just a really cold beer, when my mind reels back and forth in a funkdafied fury of confusion, i keep music at the foreground. it always follows my mood. or, perhaps my music choices lead my mood. (the chicken or the egg? one never knows.) whatever the order, right now, i’m stuck on ray lamontagne. and baby, ray’s stuck on me.

“there’s a lot of things i don’t understand / why so many people lie / it’s the hurt i hide that fuels the fire inside me”

“empty” :: till the sun turns black

p.s. if you ever find yourself with a tear-stained face, i’ll send leo. he’s a pro at licking away the salt. (yeah, that’s kind of ick. but whatevs.)


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