mod addiction

i have a problem. (the first step is admitting it, right?) i’m addicted to fake shopping. i browse online, see something i obvy can’t live without (a tee shirt, watch, houseware, whatever), then off to my shopping bag it goes. and there it inevitably stays. if i were made out of money, i tell you — the damage i would do. (i’d do some good, too, ya know — charities for sick babies and grandmas and kittens and things.) this week, i’m hooked on modcloth. holy groovetown tees! they also have a healthy vintage collection, but their stuff sells out pretty quickly, so get in there.  (i got my eyes peeled for some good plaid. it’s all the rage [again], or something.)

bike fest shirt, $39.99

bike fest shirt, $39.99

the girly alterna-tee $27.99 (alternative apparel tee)

the girly alterna-tee, $27.99 (alternative apparel tee)

scout finch top in maycomb $34.99

scout finch top in maycomb, $34.99

shorts on a train, $69.99 (only 1 left. eek!)

shorts on a train, $69.99 (only 1 left. eek!)

zebra-flection tee, $27.99

zebra-flection tee, $27.99

take it easy chair coasters, $23.99

take it easy chair coasters, $23.99


2 responses to “mod addiction

  1. Jessica Lewis

    I do this with Etsy. I had to stop getting their daily e-mails because I’d click here then there oh and then there and want EVERYTHING.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for featuring our items on your blog. Hopefully one of these days one of the items makes it from your shopping cart, to your closet.
    ❤ Aire

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