so fresh and so clean

there are few things that instantly gratify my soul: good music, a new t-shirt, a hug from little peanuts like ava, a cold beer in the warm afternoon sunshine, leo’s morning purrs, icanhascheezburger, that feeling you get when your luvr smiles at you from across the room and, wait for it … vacuum lines.

it’s true. i am utterly obsessed with those little lines in the carpet and rug that signify my “vacuum wuz here.” sadly, i can’t quite put into words why i have such an overt fondness for all things organized and clean. there’s just a certain je ne sais quoi about the sights and smells of an orderly, freshly vacuumed, dusted, wiped down, candle-scented, ultimate clean casa that holds the potential to charm the pants right off me.

now, don’t get me wrong. i’m not a complete whack job clean freak. i haven’t cleaned under my bed in longer than i care to admit, i’ll leave a dish or two in the sink (for one overnight stay, tops) and i have a pile of magazines taking up one corner of my dining room table. (i’ll just keep telling myself they’re there for inspiration.) but clothes are never left on the floor. towels are always in their proper place. and the etched chair designs on my barbara barry wedgwood glasses are always facing outward. and relax, i’m not some crazy clean monitor, so i won’t be checking your nightstand for dust the next time i visit. (which reminds me, did i dust mine?)

and yes, all this rambling does lead somewhere. in fact, it leads me to this, my latest desire. (come on, you must’ve known i couldn’t possibly spill my guts on this obsession without combining my other obsession of wanting new things.) the miele dog & cat canister vacuum from williams-sonoma. (leo’s growing up, and thus his furs are pilin’ on thick.) quiet. powerful. combination rug/floor tool. handheld turbo brush (works on car upholstery, too!). 6 power settings. telescoping wand. mutli-surface use. well, slap me silly. i’ll take 2. (one for mom and dad, of course.)

miele dog & cat canister vacuum :: williams-sonoma :: $799

miele dog & cat canister vacuum :: williams-sonoma :: $799 (free shipping!)

[one of these days, i’ll stop rambling on and on about wanting this or that and actually update my portfolio. one day …]


2 responses to “so fresh and so clean

  1. corksandcaftans

    just glorious. I am soothed and lulled by your love of clean. divination.

  2. My Lord! I thought I was alone. The smell of Pine-Sol and Lysol on a Saturday afternoon makes my heart sing. I guess it’s all about creating a sense of order in our otherwise chaotic lives. Clean on. Clean on.

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