come out, come out wherever you are

happy coming out day, ladies and gents.

write this down — it’s one of the very few times you’ll read anything remotely political here, so i’ll keep it brief. at this very moment, washington d.c. is surrounded on all sides by gays, and my heart goes pitter patter at the thought. i’m not a political person by nature — i just find it all so exhausting — but i know right vs wrong. and how can i be expected to elect officials who believe my life is worth less than yours, and thus consistently make decisions based on fear? frustration central, folks. (and double frustration at myself for not attending this weekend’s gay extravaganza. i bet i would be really good at waving a giant rainbow flag, too, damn it.) although many mo-fos mired by fear will continue their attempts at securing our place in this world as less than equal, we must remain positive and steadfast in our effort to educate with the support of friends and family by our side.

so grab yourself a gay, and give ’em a big ol’ hug. you have no idea how much it’ll mean to them.

and congrats to those marching (and prancing) today. because of you, things one day will change.


One response to “come out, come out wherever you are

  1. Hopefully President Obama will follow through on his promises. While it may not change the small minds, it will at least make a statement and set an example for generations to come.

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