omg! lolrskates! kyoot!

even though i am a mac girl through and through — i repeat, a M-A-C girl only — this new spot for windows 7 warms the giggles right out of me. but who exactly are they targeting? 5-year-old girls or icanhas obsessed people like me? (moms, probably. and all the other on-the-fence folks.) either way, i ain’t buying, but i am smiling. and i’m blogging about it, sooooo i suppose the folks at crispin porter + bogusky have sorta done their job. nice work, fellas and ladies. [says through gritted teeth.]


One response to “omg! lolrskates! kyoot!

  1. I’ve wondered the same thing about this whole campaign that I’ve seen! Certainly aren’t tackling business users – going for the heart strings of all the moms and gradmoms out there so they run out and get the new windows so their kids and grandkids can do this 🙂

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