help save the tatas

an adorable, pink color-loving dallas bud of mine, keegan hassett, had the opportunity to work on a very worth web site from propel fitness water (hope. propelled) that supports the fight against breast cancer. she’s now asking all the good folks in these here interwebs to do a little designing in the name of research. for every patch designed and submitted, propel will donate $1 to breast cancer connections. you can upload your own design and image, or make use of their templates and art. but you don’t need fancy shmancy design skillz. even this little ol’ writer managed to create a unique patch using just what the site provides.

so, get in there and help save the tatas one patch at a time.

hope. propelled

hope. propelled

[legal junk: this site and all images are the respective property of propel. obvy.]


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