when a door is closed, a window is opened (or something, something)

hallelujah, praise jeebus and everything in between. DIY project #1 of “turn old window into wall decor” is done, and for a mere $50.  (she still needs her hanging apparatus, but this is progress, friends.)

here’s how it all went down.

step 1:

met carey of corks and caftans at reruns in our transplanted city of ‘toga where i procured this old, cobwebby window at the going rate of $18.

before the cleaning and stripping

before the cleaning, stripping and scraping

step 2:

cleaned cobwebs. unscrewed and pried off old hardware. scraped away paint from glass. filled in old holes. gave the glass a final wipe down.

leo, the apprentice, caught sleepin' on the job

leo, the apprentice, caught sleepin' on the job


bothered everyone within earshot of my indecision: what color? how should i do it? what about this? or that? my buddy donna knows me too well and was kind enough to supply me with test wood. whew.

step 3:

taped her up. (cracked open beer #1.)

all taped up

all taped up

step 4:

primed with primer. allowed time to dry.*

(no pictures needed here. i mean, it just looked white again.)

step 5:

applied single coat of gentle blue (originally a valspar color from lowe’s that our local hardware store, allerdice, matched for me using an acrylic latex from pittsburgh paints). allowed time to dry.*

(legitimately forgot to take pictures here. oops.)

step 6:

(beer #2.) sanded down the blue here and there to create the vintage look and feel of old vintage-y things. i waffled back and forth between just sanding or applying an aging glaze, but worried the glaze would look too brown or overwhelming. i like this result.

i'm done. beer me.

i'm done. beer me.

not vertically challenged, here it rests next to my new favorite pillow courtesy of le hizzle

here it rests next to my new favorite pillow, courtesy of le hizzle

close up artsy-fartsy shot

close up artsy-fartsy shot

i’m now on the hunt for some groovy industrial-type hardware (brackets? a chain?) for hanging this beauty. until then, i’ll revel in a project well done, aka a project completed.

p.s. i only sustained 1 tiny injury. applying tape too quickly, my finger ran across a splintered piece of wood. ouchy.

*i’m impatient and thus broke out the hair dryer to speed up the drying process.


2 responses to “when a door is closed, a window is opened (or something, something)

  1. corksandcaftans

    Yeah! It looks so great blue, I’m so pumped for you! wut wut! I can’t wait to see the hanging apparatus… maybe some sweet brackets like our Station & Street song so it hangs a little off of the wall? oooh…….

  2. Sweet..nice job!

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