wild wine

tonight, i tagged along with carey and robby to our beloved wilted mall for the viewing of where the wild things are. we giggled, sighed, oohed, awed, shed a few tears* and sipped (ok, DRANK) “a dry red” wine out of smuggled-in thermoses, via carey’s giant brown bag. for those of you on-the-fence, see this movie. no, really. do it. i can’t believe you’d be disappointed, especially if you were as in love with this book as i. it’s so beautiful in its loneliness. so real in its love. and just so perfect in every way.

the only snafu (if you can even call it that), involved a random person behind us who took a flash picture with a disposable camera. carey and i gave each other a quick, “wtf” glance, giggled, shrugged and got sucked right back into the movie. thank goodness it wasn’t during the scene with the kidun. if i missed seeing that, i might have had to go all cray “max” on them.

my favorite parts, in no particular order:

1. max tugging on his mom’s pantyhose.

2. the progression of grime on the wolf suit.

3. the sleeping pile. despite the possible stench, i wanted to be max in the middle of that softness.

4. alexander the goat’s longing to be taken seriously.

5. carol’s unabashed passion.

6. ira’s boobies.

7. KW’s fan-fan.

8. judith’s one liners.

9. douglas’s arm getting replaced by a twig.

10. KW’s final quote: “please don’t go. i’ll eat you up, i love you so.”

*i’m pretty sure the tears only came from carey and myself. robby was too focused on not spilling the wine.


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