the spiritiles of abacus gallery

if i can muster a compliment to my ex it would have to be that she introduced me to the stunning beauty of ogunquit, maine. expansive beach. breathtaking views. cozy eateries. friendly bartenders. and ecclectic boutiques. my favorite among them, abacus. if i had infinite amounts of money, i could have purchased half the store. alas, i do not. but i did pick up a couple pretty rad items: a groovy print of a cat peeking out of a box (shut it. it’s awesome.) for myself and a glossy, naked lady mermaid bottle opener for carey and robby.

abacus has since sent an email promoting their latest offerings, spiritiles. per the abacus site, spiritiles are molten glass on copper. (aka, cool ass shit.) and each is emblazoned with a unique quote.

[my heart skipped a beat over this flighty guy, and i must have it. “to our children we give two things – one is roots, the other wings.” -hodding carter]

abacus_aloft $99

aloft, $99

[einstein graces this one with, “i thought of that while riding my bicycle.”]

abacus_brilliant ride $99

brilliant ride, $99

[eloquence from berthold auerbach, “music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”]

abacus_fine tune $99

fine tune, $99

[well said, miss mae west, “when choosing between two evils, i always try the one i’ve never tried before.]

abacus_walk on $99

walk on, $99

there is tons more cool ass shit on their site, too. if you’re nearby, pop into one of their stores in ogunquit, portland, freeport, kennebunkport or boothbay harbor, and pick yourself up a naked lady mermaid bottle opener. you’ll be glad you did.


3 responses to “the spiritiles of abacus gallery

  1. corksandcaftans

    You certainly will. She whaps those bottle caps off with her tail, all with a smile on her face and two pert boobies, to boot!

    Mr. Auerbach was a smart man, btw.

  2. Me want this now….
    Damn you BE!!!

  3. >this flighty guy, and i must have it.

    as did I – crosses one christmas present off the list. Thanks!

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