“tomorrow’s just a song away”

ever heard of the band, hockey? yeah, me either. not because they aren’t talented. i’m sure it’s just a matter of my sad, sad state of musical ignorance. a couple weeks ago, though, after i purchased the gossip’s latest album, music for men, i stumbled upon hockey through the “customers who bought this item also bought” section of amazon. i don’t even remember what i was researching to get there, but get there, i did.

their sound varies across songs from a thick, raw guitar to striking keys, then slaps you in the face with a little electro-pop. at times, they do a switcharoo as the song flows from verse to verse. some tunes are reminiscent of the good parts of bob dylan (especially “four holy photos”), while others mimic the tempo of the arctic monkeys.

the lyrics are thoughtful and the beat is catching. to quote ben, the lyricist of all hockey songs, “when we started making music, we wanted to make music that people could have fun to at the parties we played.” i’m no music critic, but i know what i like. and this — i like. makes me wanna throw a party.

the band’s hockey. the album’s mind chaos. now get out there and buy the album.

“song away”

“too fake”



One response to ““tomorrow’s just a song away”

  1. corksandcaftans

    I’m so goddamned happy you introduced this band to me! I owe you for life! amazing.

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