a halloween love affair with NYC+tegan+sara

past halloweens for me were usually spent in costume, crashing a party here and there or perusing bars with and without my special someone of the day. this halloween, i veered away from most of my normal routine and ventured into the city with my bud, katie, for a concert that easily makes my top 3 list for all-time favorite shows, tegan and sara. without question, sia and mofro round out the other 2.

but this unforgettable evening almost never happened; tickets sold out before our planning even began. and after much wasted time, uncertainty, fruitless searches, overpriced finds on craigslist, stubhub and ebay, 1 art trade and a new friend, everything somehow came together. we were going to the show. and we’d be sitting in the 2nd row–i repeat, the 2ND ROW. fate, no doubt.

as we navigated our way into the city around tourists in times square, parked the car, scrambled through the pouring rain and stood in the bathroom line at the town hall with rain-soaked jeans and muggy hair, i remembered just how in love with NYC i am. always the hopeless romantic, the beauty of the rain falling through the lights brings to mind the feeling of “i shouldn’t, but i sure do want to.” almost like a love you know you shouldn’t feel but need as much as leo needs an ear to suckle. with 8 million people, the possibility of falling in love doesn’t seem so far out of reach.

with the cash-only bar about to close, we order a beer JUST as tegan and sara take the stage. SHIT! down it. let’s go. the usher escorts us to our seats. (2nd row, in case you forgot.) adrenaline pumps. smiles commence. wow. directly in front of us, less than 10 feet away, stands tegan. a little farther to our right, sara. (also directly in front of us were a fella dressed as dolly parton and lady as willie nelson. AWESOME.) these ladies are way more incredible than i imagined. talent drips from their fingers. from their person exudes confidence. and from their mouths pour catching, honest, intense, from-the-heart lyrics. and anyone who’s been to a show knows their witty banter could stand alone as a comedic routine. the crowd’s favorite, no doubt, was tegan’s explanation of why it might seem as though she talks more than sara, “sara has the asthma.”

PA310655sepia copy

the glow of sara quin

beautiful, identical twins (you knew that, right?) from canada, at 29 years young, these 2 women can do no wrong in the music world. each album is my favorite for different reasons. and while this one is a bit more polished than the more raw sound of albums passed, after witnessing them live, sainthood has quickly found a special place in my heart. get yourself a copy.

PA310656sepia copy

the incredible duo of tegan and sara quin

fans scream “i love you” and “marry me” between every song. one cray fan, sitting directly in front of us, went so far as to beg tegan to sing happy birthday to her 19-year-old friend. tegan didn’t take the bait. in fact, sara made a point to remind the girl she wasn’t the only fan in the room. (get her, girls.)

ooh! update! here’s the video of said girl:

PA310665sepia copy

tegan quin on the mic.

(here’s the part where i’m about to sound like every other obsessed fan, so stop reading if this sort of thing makes you gag.) i found myself staring at sara, noticing every detail. perfectly placed tattoos. that adorable haircut. the smirks at tegan. the shy smiles to the audience. the eyes that seem to tell 1,000 stories. and for a moment, i was convinced we shared a look. a fleeting glance in my direction at best, i’m sure–but i felt it (don’t worry, i’m laughing at myself for actually believing this). i just want to take her out for ice cream. is that so insane?

PA310659 copy

sara quin. adorable extraordinaire.

after the show, giddy with glee and armed with raving reviews and compliments to tegan and sara, we make a plan to avoid the bars filled with halloween crazies and head back to jersey city. we pick up a 6 pack of beer with full intentions of continuing the raving reviews and compliments and laughter at home, but fate has other plans. katie realizes she has no house keys and dawn, the wifey, is miles away at another bar. forced to join the bar scene, we find a neighborhood bar, the light horse tavern, and proceed to pound 3 beers before closing time. we then wrap up a couple beers purchased earlier–slightly warm now, but whatevs–and stroll down to the river for the most incredible view of the city with ellis island and lady liberty to our right. my pictures don’t do it justice. damn camera. (err, probably more like, damn photographer.)

what a night. i’m still smiling.


partial nighttime NYC skyline


that blurry blob is ellis island


me and bud katie. i'm realizing now i may wear this hat too much.


(damn, that's blurry.) katie was sure this was the 9/11 memorial. hmmm. not quite.


beautiful, sweet, skittish kai-kai


3 responses to “a halloween love affair with NYC+tegan+sara

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  2. jld75 a.k.a. Janey

    Hi really enjoyed reading your re-cap of the concert and your trip into NYC. Nics pics of the show, the city and you and your friend. Keep the hat and continue to wear it often. You are very cute in it. BTW if Sara doesn’t join you for ice cream on a rainy night in NYC sometime soon, I’ll take her spot. 🙂

  3. corksandcaftans

    haha! Kai! I love the self-portrait of you two, such happy faces! so glad you guys had an awesome time. amazing.

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