from hizzle with love

when hizzle was around, my office desk was often littered with love and laughter via post-it notes. never was there a thought too telling, a joke too raunchy–if i was away, she left me notes. lots of notes. i saved so many, as did she save many of mine. we need to put these babies together and collaborate on a book of sorts. add that to our world takeover list of ideas swirling around in our heads.


leo's just waiting for me to turn around so he can whap these off the table.


it's true i was sleepy. that illustrated kidun was pre-leo. we miss you, sy.


we filled out that naughty puzzle on a napkin during a booze-filled flight to j-ville. (hahaha, labia.)


there they are in all their glory. can you guess my favorite?

since she’s been gone, others have repeated the love with some success. i accumulated a few gems, but soon, the desk notes were less and less, and then there were none. in fact, i think the last “note” on my desk was in the form of a marked-up e-mail for me to review. sad, sad.


4 responses to “from hizzle with love

  1. corksandcaftans

    I am speechless + laughing so hard I’m crying + just plain crying + thinking if there was one reason I hate that place for letting me go, it’s not being able to feast my eyes on you for 8 extra hours of the day!

  2. corksandcaftans

    dude. breastbuds. hahahahaa.

  3. Awesome friendies!!! Love you guys!!!

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