happy halloween from leo

lucky for my buds–carey and robby–and me, our cats are buds, too, which means when one of us escapes town like i did for the tegan and sara show, the other becomes insta-kidun-sitter. and although noms have to be dispensed with care and the boonie amount doubles, we love it. and so do they.

leo, halloween cat, on his recent sleepover.

halloween leo

iz my holiday, mom!

eli leo window 103109

planning their escape

[hope carey and robby don’t mind me posting a picture of their under bed things.]

leo under bed 103109

i can halp u sort clothings?


One response to “happy halloween from leo

  1. corksandcaftans

    haha! he really knows how to bring the cuteness. I love this part: the boonie amount doubles.

    FO SHO! hahaha

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