have i got a puzzle for you

i’ve always been a fan of jigsaw puzzles. they so perfectly suit my organized, solution-oriented little noggin. one minute you’re staring at a battlefield of chaos, then minutes, hours, even days later, you create–with your own paws–some semblance of order. mind you, it’s an order so fragile it threatens to crumble at any moment, but it’s order nonetheless. (i kind of hate the word “nonetheless,” but it seemed fitting here.)

i’m also a pretty big fan of dreaming big, believing in the impossible and grabbing life by the damn horns. we only get one shot on this here earth, might as well make the most of it.

which leads me to this puzzle of perfection from one of artist trey speegle’s signature paint-by-number works, available via anthropologie:

anthro_it can happen to you puzzle $148

anthropologie :: it can happen to you puzzle :: $148

i want the satisfaction of piecing together, inch by inch, each oddly shaped nugget, then mounting, framing and hanging this artistic memento as a daily reminder to never stop believing it can happen to me.

[see what inspiration does to me? makes me all sentimental and junk.]


2 responses to “have i got a puzzle for you

  1. corksandcaftans

    me too. and you do to me. and it does to me. and all that. 😉

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