“i’m a rock…”

i’m about to share something with you so significant, so mind blowing, so complete with utter ridiculousness and sheer hilarity, you should just prepare yeselves to never be the same again. hold onto your knickers, kids. here we go. (i’m already sensing skepticism from you, but just trust me.)

what do you get when you cross rainbows and sparkles and magic and rocks? a gay boy’s giant wish for “a planet full of unicorns,” obvy.

[episode 1: “this ambrosia salad is good, cadillac.”]

[episode 2: “i’m the cry baby troll.”]

[episode 3: “i’m going to turn into a bike and run him over.”]

[episode 4: “thank you, rock.”]

yes, there are more. go forth and enjoy them all here and here.

[i realize these cartoons are years old. so what? they’ve brought unbridled joy to myself and hizzle for quite some time. and i figgered the possibility exists that some of you may have actually never seen–or been subjected to–the delight of feathers, cadillac and tom cruise. semantics aside, you can thank me later for implanting “planet unicorn, heeyy…” into your brain for the remainder of today.]


2 responses to ““i’m a rock…”

  1. corksandcaftans

    I DON’T LIKE YOUR SHOES. YOUR NOSE LOOKS LIKE A CATS. how I forgot about ye cry baby troll! oh lawd.

  2. corksandcaftans

    “let’s find a shady spoht.” Episode 2 in INCREDIBLE!

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