laugh it up, giggly mcgiggler.

at my first job out of college in 2002, a coworker–a shiteful, snotty, SMU-grad–once suggested i laughed too much. “you don’t have to laugh at everything you know.” uhh. exqueeze me? laughing is pretty much my m.o. lucky for me, that stoopid biotche quit and someone much more incredible took her place. (hi, tisha! remember when i spilled water all over your keyboard and begged you not to tell on me? good times.)

safe to say, i’m still laughing at damn near everything. the only difference is the outlet for that laughter. back in the day, it was notes passed to a friend. (i love how insane we used to fold those things.) now, it’s emails, text, IM and an influx of social media diarrhea: twitter, facebook, myspace, flickr, blogs…ahhh! head explosion.

i wouldn’t be able to make it through the day without laughing, so here’s hoping you join me in finding these messages laughter-inducing.

an email on coffee highs:

“dude! get it! I’m so high b/c I got up early to dry my hair, and downed like 3 cups. holy moly… I could whittle a whole tree into a thousand tiny cats in like under 5 minutes. it would just be a cloud of sawdust. haha.”

an email on curing insomnia:

“i was going to recommend a shot or two before bed……since you are a seasoned drinker, maybe three or four”

(damn, girl called me a “seasoned drinker.” ouch.)

a dreamy email:

person 1: “I love trying to re-start a dream. I had dream after dream after dream 2 nights ago about Sara (T-n-S).”

person 2: “Lately it’s been pants around ankles and desktops. HAHAHAHA. omg. I’m such a d-bag.”

an email on face-meets-sign:

“oh and i heard you walked into a street sign! hahaha”

an interesting IM:

“yes, i am adorable. much more than an anal tulip.”

an IM on power tools:

“pole saw. domestical testicles! go mama.”

a couple of texts that need no explanation:

“My trainer hooked up with a milf with 3 kids last night lol”

“haha! i ripped a 7-seconder under the bench press!”

twitter quip:

“I love Subway but I hate smelling like it.”

p.s. $5 to whomever guesses which of these are c/o hizzle. (no, hizzle. you can’t play, even though you could probably use the extra money after incurring your recent injury.)


3 responses to “laugh it up, giggly mcgiggler.

  1. corksandcaftans

    anal tulip. just amazing. and sick. I like that mystery IMer. p.s. who said ANY OF THESE are me? hahaa

  2. maplesyrup10


  3. my vote for hizzle…”coffee highs “:)

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