top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

this week, i present thee with songs that, despite their longing, lonely, sometimes painstaking and all-around heartbreaking lyrics, offer quite an uplifting tempo–the kind that make me wanna tap my little sneaker-covered feet. it’s kind of confusing to those of us with fragile emotions, but whatevs. it’s good stuff.

tegan and sara :: alligator

i fell in love with this song even more after i read this interview with the adorable sara quin:

RP: It’s a really hot track. We were wondering if alligator tears are the same as crocodile tears?
SQ: Yeah, that’s what I actually meant, but I thought the phrase was alligator tears and then very early on, when I sent it to someone, they were like “I think what you mean is crocodile tears” and I was like, crocodile tears doesn’t have the same…

[read the interview in its entirety here.]

the morning benders :: boarded doors

the orion experience :: the queen of white lies

larytta :: promises

shit. shite. shoot. i can’t find a dern video. listen and download here.

the soft pack :: call it a day

no video here, either. damn. sorry. listen and download here. (slightly more melodic, but still worthy of a few foot taps.)

got suggestions for next week? i’ll take ’em.


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