love at first sound

holy crikey. william fitzsimmons–you, sir, have officially squeezed out my heart through my earholes, and i thank you.

the angelic sound of mr. fitzsimmons is nothing new to the music world, though, so i feel like i’ve awoken from a coma for only just now finding him. it’s embarrassing, really. but if you’re in the dark, like i sadly was, and you enjoy these similarly bearded angels of sound, ray lamontagne and bon iver, you should love the hell out of this man. the imaginary lovechild of james taylor and joni mitchell, the real child of two blind parents, william grew up learning to communicate with music. his sweet, sweet melody mixes so perfectly with the delicate acoustics. beautifully melancholy and peaceful, it’s the kind of music you run into the ground after a breakup or a parent plays to soothe their newborn peanut–it’s that lovely.

his new CD, the sparrow and the crow, is available now. get in there and buy it.

good morning

after afterall (holy heartbreak)

you still hurt me

if you would come back home


4 responses to “love at first sound

  1. It’s amazing that such a delicate sound can come from such a heavily-bearded man.

  2. corksandcaftans

    thanks for bringing me too into the light. new music to worship 🙂

  3. love. love. love. Will definitely be adding Mr. Fitzsimmons to my growing “please sleep baby” playlist. Thx 🙂

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