spelling iz real hard sometimes

i am without any wise or even wise-cracking thoughts today, so i’m leaving it up to the idiots de la interwebs to entertain us with these epic spelling FAILs. enjoy. (many tattoos are subject to poor spelling, and that, my friends, is a heartbreaking permanent FAIL.)

[all via failblog]


two wrongs don't make a right.


oh, bless him. he tried so hard to be hardcore.


our tax dollars at werk.


what would shakespeare think about this hot mess?


oh, no. do not want.


2 responses to “spelling iz real hard sometimes

  1. Ha, needed a laugh like that. Been sick all day in bed…ugh.

    The tat ones are always funny, but Kat Von D could write anything spelled correctly or not on me and I wouldn’t mind.

    My fave of these…the motel one! LOL

  2. corksandcaftans

    dude… hahahahahahahaha. those tattoos are heartbreaking! I should have brought that up every time I made a mistake…

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