from toga to NYC: a manic account

i took the morning off work today to get my stuff together before heading into NYC for the inaugural clio healtchare awards. after futzing around on the ‘puter (’twas necessary to write that music post, yo), i left no time for myself to work out as planned nor did i deliver as promised one black, fluffy kidun to his 2nd home. instead, hizzle and robby will schedule a pick up. (as always, i owe you two my life.)

time to go. first, 2 stops: ATM and wendy’s nuggers (don’t judge me). speedy gonzales my way to the train station. hustle inside. 10 minutes to spare, whew. shit, where’s my phone? in the car. race back to the car. grab the phone. race back inside. oh wait, what’s this? train’s late. breathe. 20 minute delay turns into an hour. finally board. plop down. open my book, push. read, read and read. man yapping loudly behind me, “what do you mean the GPS says 8:30? did you type it wrong? that’s not right. it only takes 3 hours. i don’t understand …” blah, blah, blah. please, for the love of all that is good shut your trap. where are my earbuds? he ends his call. thank jeebus. read, read, read. ooh, beer. cafe car. heineken light and uh, sure, pretzels. why not? mmm, good beer. thank you, amtrak. yonkers. cafe car’s closed. good timing. finish reading. great book. inspired. saddened. broken hearted. i now need many beers to shake the image of precious’s pain. hello, penn station. i love this city. gather my things. exit at 31st street. hotel’s at 341 w. 36th street. i can walk. it’s raining. ugh. i still love this city. knew i brought “the” hat for a reason. ok, i’m near 341 w. 34th street. where’s the hotel? is this a joke? oh, right. 36th street, dummy. 2 more blocks. hello there, pretty lady–how you doin’? loving this city more and more. turn up 36th street. hotel. i’m here. check in. one hour until we meet in lobby. gives me just enough time to take off my pants and enjoy a pre-show cocktail.

wait. what?


One response to “from toga to NYC: a manic account

  1. Somebody spoke and I went into a dream….

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