hey, shopkeep: take me to your tees.

if ever there was an article of clothing i couldn’t live without, it would–without any hint of doubt–be the t-shirt. solid, burn out, embellished with graphics, v-neck, crew neck, slouchy, pocket, no pocket, whatever. as long as it’s buttery soft, and i dig it, the t-shirt is all i need.

i thought this obsession of mine began with the alphabet t’s via urban outfitters from a few years ago (my favorites: “g is for gangsta” and “s is for shorty”–both of which i owned), but after looking through the few baby pictures i managed to finagle away from my mother, every 3rd one or so shows me in a t-shirt. a-ha! see, mom. it is all your fault.

i’m glad to say i never grew out of the t-shirt craze, but i am a tad embarrassed to admit my taste has grown grotesquely more expensive. after i lost an ebay battle (jumped up to $200 FOR A T-SHIRT) for a free city super shop t-shirt designed for the uh huh her CD release, i haven’t stopped searching for that sucker–hoping above all hopes another will re-appear at a fraction of the cost. so far, nada.

in the meantime, i will continue to ogle many a tee, yet purchase only a few. must not be greedy.

my new love.

freecity_artists wanted $75

free city super shop :: artists wanted :: $75

the captain jack will get you high tonight, right hizzle?

shopbop_monrow union jack $79.80

shopbop :: monrow :: union jack :: $79.80 (on sale, ladies)

honestly can’t have enough white tees. burn out, too? double bonus. oh, and notice the placement of her tattoo. WANT.

alternative apparel_burnout v neck $38

alternative apparel :: burnout v neck :: $38

fuck yeah.

palmer cash_get off $26.97

palmer cash :: ames bros :: get off :: $26.97

although this has the potential to be overly slouchy pour moi, i can’t get enough of this perfect specimen.

modcloth_owl-t and about $57.99

modcloth :: owl-t and about :: $57.99

yellow is a pretty horrific color on me, but this is too rad not to want.

kanibal home_typewriter tee $28

kanibal home :: typewriter tee :: $28


One response to “hey, shopkeep: take me to your tees.

  1. corksandcaftans

    love and want. Free City is always so damned amazing! Go, karate kid!

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