manic account part 2: skyline studios, NYC

6:30 p.m. in the hotel lobby. hello, mister president. why yes, i’d love a stella. 7 p.m. let’s walk. still drizzling. thankfully wearing “the” hat in preparation for this weather. run down (or is it “up?”) 36th street in heels. dodge angry drivers. arrive at skyline studios for inaugural clio healthcare awards. acquire badges. greeted by waiter wielding tiny shots that look like urine samples. tastes, i presume, much better than urine. best greeting ever. meet folks. shake hands. shuffle to the bar. take in the sights. lap around the place. more hellos and nice to meet yous. chat up fella from sister agency in irvine. more shot-wielding waiters–this time, pomegranate something or other in little syringes. oh, who’s that beautiful woman? play with motion graphics. weird. more bar shuffling. get grub. meet a few good chicagoans while shoveling cheese and cracker in my mouth. awesome. chew, chew, chew. speak. smile. laugh. play mexican wrestling game. get arse kicked. her turn to play with the motion graphics. more bar shuffling. more hellos and nice to meet yous. admire work. more chatting. time to hear the winners. holy crap! we won a silver lady! pose with the lady.


me with a certain silver lady

congratulate winners. attempt to eat more than just one cracker with cheese. more chatting with her. keynote speaker time. whoa. it’s oprah’s dr. oz. notice the name of our city is misspelled on the plaque. neat. it’s saratoga, not sarasota. geesh. one more bar shuffle. more chatter. then a disappearing act from the girl. ugh. women. i guess they can’t all be like miss clio.


3 responses to “manic account part 2: skyline studios, NYC

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  2. Sarasota!? You’d think someone might have checked that out before they were ENGRAVED.

    Reminds me of when my high school band was introduced to play the national anthem at a Denver Nuggets game and the announcer bellowed that we were from “Cham-pion A-ca-de-my!” Yeah, hi, um thanks. We’re with Campion Academy. But, sure, champion — that works too.

  3. nice watch!!! 🙂

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