tattoo infatuation, aka “tattooation”

they (who are they, anyway?) say once you get your first tattoo, fuhgeddaboutit. like flies on shit–wait, that’s a terrible analogy–strike that. reverse it. like poppin’ a pringle, once you start, you just can’t stop. eh. i didn’t believe it. this so-called tattoo addiction must be a farce. it took me 28 years to get this virgo sign inked on the back of my neck (hizzle was in attendance and squirming more than me, i think), i can make it through life without another.

busted for writing on the benches at DA's, local 'toga dive bar.

famous last words, right?

last may, i got my 2nd tattoo at mooncusser in provincetown, mass, with the ex and two of the most amazing women you will ever meet. (hi donner and laura!) it was there i protested, “i only want one more. no, i swear–just one more.”

tired from an early drive to p-town, hence the disheveled appearance.

but now here i am itching for my 3rd (fleur de lis for my cajun heritage) and thinking about the perfect 4th (outline of a dove) and 5th (equality sign). ruh roh.

i’ve got tattooation, and i’ve got it bad.


One response to “tattoo infatuation, aka “tattooation”

  1. As long as they are special to you I’m all about tattoos. i have a real thing for full sleeves though I’m pretty sure I’m not going to ever go there. I have one now and i love it. I got a comment today in the elevator at work. The lady was like is that your lucky number 13. I then got to tell her that it’s for a friend that I lost and that was his fave thing to do with his wife and friends, get a 13 tattoo every Friday the 13th. I will say this I don’t recommend the foot it really hurts :\

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