thanks be to photography

hallmark and ol’ fashioned, all-american commercialism would like to remind us that today is THE day for giving thanks. (ok. i’ll take the bait.)

yesterday, i noted that i’m thankful for a number of things like double chocolate milano cookies, one furry black kidun (leo), life, love and jigsaw puzzles.

today, while still very thankful for those things + other equally important things like coffee, texas football, sweatpants and friends who open their homes to this transplanted texan, i am also thankful to sir john herschel for coining the term photography. it is to him (and the inventor of the camera) that i owe a gigantor amount of thanks. and it is because of him that i now have a new love/infatuation/obsession/passion. call it what you will, but i’m itching for a fancy-pants camera and basic lessons in the techniques of photography. sadly, that itch may take some time before it’s scratched into fruition. for now, i’ll settle for ogling over these puppies.

the “oh, murphy–you silly, silly daydreamer” options:

nikon D90 :: approx $1000-$1200

canon :: EOS 50D :: approx $1500

the “if i save my monopoly $, i could maybe, just maybe, buy one of these” options:

nikon :: D5000 :: approx $700

canon :: EOS rebel T1I :: approx $700

and this–well, i just had to include this for its awesome modern vintage action. i totally want it. you know you do, too:

urban outfitters :: vivitar digital camera, close-up :: $199

urban outfitters :: vivitar digital camera :: $199

for anyone seriously considering the leap from a point-and-shoot to the wide open world of D-SLR, you may want to stop by cnet first for a review of the best entry-level digital SLR cameras on the market today. (just in time for x-mas shopping–imagine that.)


2 responses to “thanks be to photography

  1. Good blogpost, amazing looking website, added it to my favorites!

  2. I have the Nikon D90…it’s just too wonderful for words. I’m a happy girl every time I have it in my hands:-)

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