a wrist’s bff

i’ve always been a watch wearer–to the point where my wrist felt nakey without one–but never really a watch lover. in the last year or so, though, i’ve really started to take notice of the different metal, leather, plastic and fabric bands wrapped around many a wrists. labeled by most as an accessory, an afterthought even, i instead see them as a staple to complete my daily wardrobe. without them, i no longer just feel naked. i feel lost. and thus the reason for today’s rumination–or, rather, obsession–over these lovelies.

[i saw this weeks ago and haven’t stopped going all goo-goo, ga-ga over it.]

mr jones watches :: cyclops :: $185

[i’m not entirely sure how i feel about potentially paying $200+ for a plastic watch, but there’s an appeal here i can’t quite deny.]

toy watch :: plasteramic :: approx $225

[oooh, shiny.]

rue la la :: tumi :: $275

[simple and vintage-like. i dig it.]

j crew :: timex military watch :: $150

[feminine lady meets rebellious teen. scrumptious.]

shopbop :: la mer motorcycle chain wrap :: $110

[white and ceramic. probably not a good combo for my tendency to spill and/or drop things, but whatevs. it’s rad.]

shopbop :: michael kors ceramic :: $450

are you there, santa? it’s me, murphy.


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