top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

apologies for skipping last week’s top 5. blame it on the pilgrims and tryptophan, if you please.

this week, i celebrate the sweet sound of love wrapped in romance, surrounded by warmth. narrowing these old gems down to just 5 was next-to-impossible, but i think i done good. now, open up your itunes, bust out a CD-R and add these to a mix “tape” for your honey. they’ll be forever yours. without doubt, i would be a goner. altogether now, let’s *swoon*.

sia :: not a day too soon

my best buds’ wedding song, ray lamontagne :: let it be me

[i know what you’re thinking, “expand your musical horizons, murphy. there’s more to music than ray lamontagne. au contraire, mon frére. i can’t post love songs without including ray. that would be a travesty of epic proportions. even more epic than the time i dropped my chocolate chip cheesecake on the kitchen floor before savoring a single bite. ]

the beatles :: something

the postal service :: brand new colony

over the rhine :: i want you to be my love


One response to “top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

  1. Hi!

    I like your style and selection in music favorites!

    I think you’d really love our band Closer Ocean. (We are on itunes, etc) Our album “Supercollider” is loosely based on the Nobel-prize winning poetry of Wislawa Szymborska.

    Let me know what you think!


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