a break from my musical norm

i’ve always said when i can’t find the words to verbally express what’s swirling around in my mind, i let music talk for me. until yesterday.

i heard a song sans words and it rocked my inner routine. unreal. i have officially been moved by a song that doesn’t say a single thing, save for a tiny trace of a hum. still, i immediately sank into myself. sitting in an office of ~100 peeps, it was me and me alone in here, and it dawned on me: when no words are needed in music, for me, it is the feeling and knowledge of love that creates that instant communication path, intersecting somewhere between the bermuda triangle of the heart, body and mind. beautiful, sensual, thoughtful, compelling, insatiable, gratifying, warming, sensational, undeniable–all traits that untangle the webs in my mind, leading me through the darkness and drawing me into the root of the song and the meaning of love, one beat at a time.

if you don’t dissect music quite this neurotically and don’t get from this song anything remotely similar to what i got from it, it’s cool. either way, i hope you at least appreciate the beauty of this tune.

julianna barwick :: anjos


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