giddy with girl scout gluttony

it’s that time of year when little girls clad in sashes covered in patches and armed with perfectly crafted, not-too-sweet, but not-too-pushy sales pitches invade our offices, homes and the sidewalks of retail shopping centers everywhere with one–and only one–agenda: to tempt me with their thin mints, tagalongs and do-si-dos. and by god, it works every time.

i don’t know if it’s their innocent charm that wins me over or the pure crack-injected goodness of the product they’re pushing, and i don’t care. i just know girl scout cookie time is my favorite time of the year, so if someone doesn’t declare girl scout cookie season the next nationally recognized season stat, then i’m starting a petition*.

once those glorious cookies arrive and i tear into them with open arms (aka, shove them into my mouth, one box at a time), this–i know–will be me.

"whew" is right, fat cat.

*oh, who am i kidding? a petition takes WAY more effort than i’m willing to put forth.


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