top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

just a few good tunes to flood your ear holes on this 2nd-to-last friday in february. (oh dearest spring, you are so near. close enough to touch, yet far enough to fear.)

savoir adore :: bodies

with fresh beats and a highly amped-up sound, this tune makes me wanna dance around the kitchen. once again, i sadly can’t seem to find a video to embed, so you’ll have to link away to listen. fiddlesticks.

listen here.

broken bells :: the high road

james mercer (aka, the shins) + brian burton (aka, danger mouse) = broken bells. thanks to my buddy, mikey o, for introducing me. me likey. sweet, interactive web site and even sweeter sound. (debut album available march 9. pre-order now.) perfect road trip accompaniment. btw: if you’re in LA tonight, broken bells will be live for the very first time at some place called the fold in bootleg theater. limited tickets are available here, so uh, hurry and stuff.

jason collett :: love is a dirty word

from the moment i heard “blue sky” on the l word soundtrack, i was sold. and not surprisingly, this new track doesn’t disappoint. (new album “rat a tat tat” in stores march 9.)

passion pit :: eyes as candles

oddly enough, this song is talk of much debate on the interwebs. it seems it and “to kingdom come” were mislabeled somewhere in the album world, and thus the lyrics got mixed up. according to the version i have, this is “eyes as candles.” whatever the name, i dig it. guitar plucking, electronic mix and “potpourri” in the lyrics. sold. (also courtesy of mikey o. he’s good, isn’t he?)

man/miracle :: hot sprawl

my ears have made more and more friends with bands like man/miracle thanks to urban outfitters’ music blog. every monday you can hop onto the UO blog and download 5 free songs. some, you will like. some, you will not. pinky swear.


One response to “top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

  1. Passion Pit Rocks my face off! I have PPDP’s (Passion Pit Dance Parties) regularly here at work, home, and sometimes in the car. I get to see them again at Coachella this year! I can’t wait πŸ™‚ Your other pics are awesome as usual πŸ™‚

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