could i?

coming to grips with fashion reality can be downright disheartening. there are items that should never see the light of day beyond the runway, the store or online boutique. and then there are items that many of us should never, ever attempt to wear. like, for instance, jeans tucked into tall boots. while a truly stellar look on some women, it can turn into dumpfest-a-go-go on others (ie, moi). which brings to mind a few looks i ran across today. as such, are these so-called wants better in theory? should they remain out of my virtual shopping bag? perhaps. but it doesn’t mean i can’t ponder, dream and possibly come really dang close to convincing myself that yes, by golly, i CAN pull off that look.


i’m afraid this would just push me one paw closer to the “cat lady” category. but damn, i sure do think it’s groovetastic. leo and oshi give it 2 paws up. (laugh, if you will. i’m prepared.)

nasty girl :: prince peter, what's new pussycat? :: $68

i work in pharma, so is this a no-go or the greatest of irony at work?

nasty girl :: gold saturn, prescribed peace tank :: $42

i’ve accepted the sad realization that i cannot wear aviators. it is not a look my face can bear, and thus i will never be able to don my grandpa’s original aviators from his fighter pilot days in the USMC. but maybe, just maybe, i could manage these pups.

shopbop :: mosley tribes eyewear, FREECITY sunglasses :: $180

owls are one of mine and KFO’H’s faves. and tanks are typically one of my go-to’s in the warmer months. a win! but wait. the length and slouch of this has the potential to be wretched on little ol’ me. must rethink.

modcloth :: owl tank it! :: $27.99

the “should i?” or “should i not?” tuxedo shirt. i waffle on this guy, constantly. and solely because of my lack of height. my luck, the tuxedo part would extend to my waistline. that could be embarrassing.

j crew :: cotton tuxedo shirt :: $78


One response to “could i?

  1. Ur such hipster or hipstress?? Lov it

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