top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

griffin house :: the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind

“i’ve been lost and i need direction / i could use a little love protection”

miniature tigers :: cannibal queen

with lyrics like, “oh she lets me right in and i’m fed til i’m full” what’s not to love?

acrylics :: all of the fire

if you’re hoping for some pretty pictures in this here video, then look away. just press play and enjoy the sound, man.

blind pilot :: 3 rounds and a sound

(this one’s for you, love.) if the rest of you folks aren’t listening to blind pilot, then you just ain’t livin’. i mean, are you kidding me with these lyrics? swoon.

“i was sleeping / my eyes were dark / til you woke me / and told me that opening is just the start / it was / now i see you, til kingdom come / you’re the one i want / to see me for all the stupid shit i’ve done”

bobby mcferrin :: don’t worry be happy

of the not-at-all-new variety, this song is now a permanent fixture swirling around my head like a bad hangover, thanks to KFO’H. she’s forever whistling and humming this tune. can’t say i wholly blame her. it’s a piece of advice we could all stand to take. besides, it’s on the cocktail soundtrack, so uh, i beg you to explain how that could possibly be bad.


One response to “top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

  1. Wow!!! I love bobby!!! oh yea!

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