this is where i’m supposed to talk about myself. i don’t so much like doing that, so i’ll keep it simple. i’m a writer. if you like what i write and think i might like writing for you, write to me at (oh yes — i left out one very important detail. i think kittehs are the bees’ knees.)

that's me

that's me


2 responses to “me

  1. Darleen Strathy

    WOW! I care for the elderly and I plan to go to dress up for a get together for our Vets at Sitter & Barfoot facility which is a lock down unit for multi stage dementia patients. It’s a residential facility located in Richmond, VA next to McGuire VA Hospital….I am attending as Rosie The Riveter! This event will be held on Oct 30th, 2009 @ 3pm. I like what you are doing and hope everything is going well with it since the economy is in such a mess. I would like my friend Regina the Activities Coordinator @ the facility. I do not know if you do any type of things with groups of elderly, but Regina would sure love to hear from you.

  2. Maybe I need a collaborator on the Denali book.

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