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top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

this week’s tunes are brought to you by the good people at urban outfitters. as i’ve bragged before, each and every craptastic monday, they bless our earholes with 5 new (and not-so-new) free tunes to download, thus making mondays a little less craptastic. gracias, UO. IOU.

best coast :: sun was high (so was i)

this morning’s cold air and lingering snow mixed with the sound of this song left me wishing really hard for warm sunshine splashing in my face and basking in the warmth of windows rolled down. ahhh. i have faith that wish will come true soon. right? maybe?

class actress :: careful what you say

michoacan :: in the dark side of the night (radio edit)

i read a review the other day that murdered this song. mr. or ms. reviewer hated the sound, the disco-y video, the label that produced the album–anything he/she could trash, he/she trashed. heck, and here i thought this song was pretty rad. a little repetitive at times, but very beck-ish. so i guess it’s true: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or something, something… (although, i haven’t given many of michoacan’s other songs a really good listen, so they may be awful; i’m just sayin’.)

rafter :: paper

i teetered back and forth with including this song, because much like i can’t get into gratuitous nudity in films (lolrskates. of course i can.), i’m not a fan of singers who curse for the sake of cursing (snore). but here, it’s understandable–i mean, the dude needs paper. for the love of pete, somebody give him some GD paper.

“i need paper / yes i do / to keep my thoughts from goin’ away”

mannequin men :: hobby girl

these chicagoans produce a great garage sound. apologies for the video. although it’s not the worst quality for a live performance, it’s still not exactly “clear.”


top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

griffin house :: the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind

“i’ve been lost and i need direction / i could use a little love protection”

miniature tigers :: cannibal queen

with lyrics like, “oh she lets me right in and i’m fed til i’m full” what’s not to love?

acrylics :: all of the fire

if you’re hoping for some pretty pictures in this here video, then look away. just press play and enjoy the sound, man.

blind pilot :: 3 rounds and a sound

(this one’s for you, love.) if the rest of you folks aren’t listening to blind pilot, then you just ain’t livin’. i mean, are you kidding me with these lyrics? swoon.

“i was sleeping / my eyes were dark / til you woke me / and told me that opening is just the start / it was / now i see you, til kingdom come / you’re the one i want / to see me for all the stupid shit i’ve done”

bobby mcferrin :: don’t worry be happy

of the not-at-all-new variety, this song is now a permanent fixture swirling around my head like a bad hangover, thanks to KFO’H. she’s forever whistling and humming this tune. can’t say i wholly blame her. it’s a piece of advice we could all stand to take. besides, it’s on the cocktail soundtrack, so uh, i beg you to explain how that could possibly be bad.

top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

just a few good tunes to flood your ear holes on this 2nd-to-last friday in february. (oh dearest spring, you are so near. close enough to touch, yet far enough to fear.)

savoir adore :: bodies

with fresh beats and a highly amped-up sound, this tune makes me wanna dance around the kitchen. once again, i sadly can’t seem to find a video to embed, so you’ll have to link away to listen. fiddlesticks.

listen here.

broken bells :: the high road

james mercer (aka, the shins) + brian burton (aka, danger mouse) = broken bells. thanks to my buddy, mikey o, for introducing me. me likey. sweet, interactive web site and even sweeter sound. (debut album available march 9. pre-order now.) perfect road trip accompaniment. btw: if you’re in LA tonight, broken bells will be live for the very first time at some place called the fold in bootleg theater. limited tickets are available here, so uh, hurry and stuff.

jason collett :: love is a dirty word

from the moment i heard “blue sky” on the l word soundtrack, i was sold. and not surprisingly, this new track doesn’t disappoint. (new album “rat a tat tat” in stores march 9.)

passion pit :: eyes as candles

oddly enough, this song is talk of much debate on the interwebs. it seems it and “to kingdom come” were mislabeled somewhere in the album world, and thus the lyrics got mixed up. according to the version i have, this is “eyes as candles.” whatever the name, i dig it. guitar plucking, electronic mix and “potpourri” in the lyrics. sold. (also courtesy of mikey o. he’s good, isn’t he?)

man/miracle :: hot sprawl

my ears have made more and more friends with bands like man/miracle thanks to urban outfitters’ music blog. every monday you can hop onto the UO blog and download 5 free songs. some, you will like. some, you will not. pinky swear.

top 5 (pretty dang new) music faves

[i know, i know. i haven’t quite held up my bargain and promise of posting weekly music faves. sorry ’bout that. i promise to try harder. but until my desire turns to actual doing, here are 5 to fill the void.]

this week’s tunes are all brand spankin’ new. well, “new” in the truest sense to me, meaning my ears have never been privy to the sound. each tune made the cut just because the combo of lyrics and sound struck a chord with me. either that or i was just in the mood. whatever the rhyme or reason, i hope you enjoy.

(these first 2 hail from austin, giving me yet another reason to love the crap out of that city.)

brazos :: day glo

cannot get enough of this one. might even be so bold as to say it’s my favorite of the 5.

ola podrida :: this old world

best coast :: when i’m with you

“when i’m with you / i have fun”

vampire weekend :: horchata

i’ve found these guys invoke extreme feelings of adoration or disdain from music lovers. admittedly, it took me a couple listens to enjoy “horchata,” but i’m still drinking the VW kool-aid. and love ’em or hate ’em, they put out a new album, hence the addition to this week’s list.

rogue wave :: good morning

top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

apologies for skipping last week’s top 5. blame it on the pilgrims and tryptophan, if you please.

this week, i celebrate the sweet sound of love wrapped in romance, surrounded by warmth. narrowing these old gems down to just 5 was next-to-impossible, but i think i done good. now, open up your itunes, bust out a CD-R and add these to a mix “tape” for your honey. they’ll be forever yours. without doubt, i would be a goner. altogether now, let’s *swoon*.

sia :: not a day too soon

my best buds’ wedding song, ray lamontagne :: let it be me

[i know what you’re thinking, “expand your musical horizons, murphy. there’s more to music than ray lamontagne. au contraire, mon frére. i can’t post love songs without including ray. that would be a travesty of epic proportions. even more epic than the time i dropped my chocolate chip cheesecake on the kitchen floor before savoring a single bite. ]

the beatles :: something

the postal service :: brand new colony

over the rhine :: i want you to be my love

top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

when i sat down to think about this week’s top 5, it was so painfully obvious who i would feature with tuesday’s release of kid sister’s CD, ultraviolet. ahhh, yes: women who rap. women who produce damn good beats. bad ass women who do their thang (yes, “thang”) without a care.

get up and dance. it’s friday, hoes.

leading off, kid sister :: right hand hi

[hey, dallas friends: she’ll be at the palladium tomorrow night. get in there.]

a little bit rock, a little bit electro, but always fucking awesome, peaches :: billionaire

“the biggest midget in the game,” lady sovereign :: let’s be mates

i can’t get enough of this trio, northern state :: iluvitwhenya

seriously, how could i not include m.i.a. :: bamboo banga

top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

earlier this week, i droned on in a post about my ears being blessed with the sweet sound of william fitzsimmons. from there, a twitter exchange began between myself and two other ladies, janey and mia, a blogger, writer and interview-extraordinaire for all things music, tattoos and lesbians (read some of her interviews and hilarious quips here: and — am i missing any?)

what i found out during this exchange: apparently, i have a penchant for bearded men. and thus, this week’s top 5 bearded beasts of wanderlust was born.

joe cocker :: delta lady

i would be remiss to not include the legendary joe cocker. my absolute number 1 of his, is delta lady. in fact, if ever my buds and i step inside the infamous dive bar tin-n-lint here in ‘toga (THE very spot where don mclean wrote american pie. no foolin’.), i MUST play this song on the jukebox. if someone threatens to leave before it plays, all hell breaks loose. viva el cocker!

ray lamontagne :: jolene

(come on, you obvy knew i’d include him.) jolene was my initiation into ray. it is what made me fall madly in musical love with him, and i will never forget how it hit me right in the ticker with such a powerful thud. i mean, who writes this beautifully? “a man needs something he can hold onto / a 9-lb hammer / or a woman like you / either one of them things will do.” STOP IT.

the black keys :: things ain’t like they used to be

this song really needs no explanation. maybe it’s the emotion behind his voice, maybe it’s just the incredible way he manages to soothe a broken heart. all i know is that i play it over and over and over and …

bob schneider :: a long way to get

i posted this song before, i know. but yes it’s so good, it deserves a double-take. when i think of schneider, i think of home. and i think of her. but mostly, i think about how much life–even at 31–is left to live. this song just manages to keep my head above water, and there are many days when i need that as much as leo needs to drop boonies in eli’s box immediately upon arrival at aunt carey and uncle robby’s.

the black crowes :: nonfiction

if i would be remiss not to include joe cocker, i would be a bloody fool to leave out the man, chris robinson. this beauty of a song makes me want to lie down in the warm summer grass and make out between sips of beer.

enjoy, friends. and happy friday.