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two likes pressed together

i like letters.

i like letters that are pressed.


awesome, clean and simple, but ‘spensive.

room and board :: zeichen alphabet press-type :: $199

available in many colors. perfect nursery addition.

etsy :: sycamore street press, letterpress alphabet poster :: $30

holy geez. this jackpot requires a pot o’ gold.

(found via apartment therapy)

etsy :: yee haw, specimens of wood type :: $500

and finally, my favorite. i. must. have.

etsy :: beauchamping, alphabet :: $75

enjoying the view of letterpressed ABCs with the sound of savoir adore.


could i?

coming to grips with fashion reality can be downright disheartening. there are items that should never see the light of day beyond the runway, the store or online boutique. and then there are items that many of us should never, ever attempt to wear. like, for instance, jeans tucked into tall boots. while a truly stellar look on some women, it can turn into dumpfest-a-go-go on others (ie, moi). which brings to mind a few looks i ran across today. as such, are these so-called wants better in theory? should they remain out of my virtual shopping bag? perhaps. but it doesn’t mean i can’t ponder, dream and possibly come really dang close to convincing myself that yes, by golly, i CAN pull off that look.


i’m afraid this would just push me one paw closer to the “cat lady” category. but damn, i sure do think it’s groovetastic. leo and oshi give it 2 paws up. (laugh, if you will. i’m prepared.)

nasty girl :: prince peter, what's new pussycat? :: $68

i work in pharma, so is this a no-go or the greatest of irony at work?

nasty girl :: gold saturn, prescribed peace tank :: $42

i’ve accepted the sad realization that i cannot wear aviators. it is not a look my face can bear, and thus i will never be able to don my grandpa’s original aviators from his fighter pilot days in the USMC. but maybe, just maybe, i could manage these pups.

shopbop :: mosley tribes eyewear, FREECITY sunglasses :: $180

owls are one of mine and KFO’H’s faves. and tanks are typically one of my go-to’s in the warmer months. a win! but wait. the length and slouch of this has the potential to be wretched on little ol’ me. must rethink.

modcloth :: owl tank it! :: $27.99

the “should i?” or “should i not?” tuxedo shirt. i waffle on this guy, constantly. and solely because of my lack of height. my luck, the tuxedo part would extend to my waistline. that could be embarrassing.

j crew :: cotton tuxedo shirt :: $78

most. unique. gift. idea. ever.

what a slacker, i am. no new posts in way too long. being preoccupied with love for the most incredible woman will do that to a girl.

ahhh. great googly moogly.

giddy love aside, i have found possibly the coolest gift idea ever on the planet in the universe: artwork made from your DNA. what? awesome, i know. no kidding, the dork in me is beyond blown away. although equally cool, i’m not as personally crazy about the custom kiss, but the DNA and fingerprint i NEED. completely unique and customizable from color to adding your own signature, these things are so. damn. rad. imagining them in a nursery, my eyes go wide, my hands turn clammy and my heart floods with warmth.

get your own:

dna for two :: 36x24 :: $650

fingerprint :: 12x12 :: $190

kiss :: 20x20 :: $290

giddy with girl scout gluttony

it’s that time of year when little girls clad in sashes covered in patches and armed with perfectly crafted, not-too-sweet, but not-too-pushy sales pitches invade our offices, homes and the sidewalks of retail shopping centers everywhere with one–and only one–agenda: to tempt me with their thin mints, tagalongs and do-si-dos. and by god, it works every time.

i don’t know if it’s their innocent charm that wins me over or the pure crack-injected goodness of the product they’re pushing, and i don’t care. i just know girl scout cookie time is my favorite time of the year, so if someone doesn’t declare girl scout cookie season the next nationally recognized season stat, then i’m starting a petition*.

once those glorious cookies arrive and i tear into them with open arms (aka, shove them into my mouth, one box at a time), this–i know–will be me.

"whew" is right, fat cat.

*oh, who am i kidding? a petition takes WAY more effort than i’m willing to put forth.

is it too late to want?

hello. santa? it’s me, murphy. i forgot something.


shopbop :: free city, striped dove tipi raglan hoodie :: $185

shopbop :: free city, striped dove tipi raglan hoodie, back :: $185

shopbop :: free city, striped dove tipi raglan hoodie, back :: $185

or this. i’ll let you choose–for once, i won’t be picky.

shopbop :: free city, sun sparrow raglan hoodie :: $175

shopbop :: free city, sun sparrow raglan hoodie, back :: $175

kardigans that kill

as much as i love layering, especially the button-down/t-shirt combo, i’ve never been a monster fan of the cardigan. they can look stunning on other women–even men, but i always found them to be frumpy, lackluster and a bit too saccharin sweet for me. until i found these little darlings.

and, as made apparent by these finds, i really, really love gray. (or grey, for you traditionalists.)

[a little bit punk mixed with a dash of sass and femininity. well done, insight.]

need supply :: insight, no rules cardigan :: $88

[despite how horribly wrong this is for my body type, i can’t help but want to snuggle into it. i like to think it’s the equivalent of a couture snuggie.]

shopbop :: bop basics, hooded cardigan :: $96

[i suppose this passes as more of a sweater coat, but j crew calls it a “cardigan,” and thus it earns the right to be here.]

j crew :: fulton funnelneck cardigan :: $298

[splendid is always rather splendid.]

piperlime :: splendid, superfine metallic trim cardigan :: $122.50

[this is a bit too traditional in the cardigan sense, but there’s something about the pockets in this gap beauty that caught my eye.]

gap :: v-neck cardigan :: $44.50

a wrist’s bff

i’ve always been a watch wearer–to the point where my wrist felt nakey without one–but never really a watch lover. in the last year or so, though, i’ve really started to take notice of the different metal, leather, plastic and fabric bands wrapped around many a wrists. labeled by most as an accessory, an afterthought even, i instead see them as a staple to complete my daily wardrobe. without them, i no longer just feel naked. i feel lost. and thus the reason for today’s rumination–or, rather, obsession–over these lovelies.

[i saw this weeks ago and haven’t stopped going all goo-goo, ga-ga over it.]

mr jones watches :: cyclops :: $185

[i’m not entirely sure how i feel about potentially paying $200+ for a plastic watch, but there’s an appeal here i can’t quite deny.]

toy watch :: plasteramic :: approx $225

[oooh, shiny.]

rue la la :: tumi :: $275

[simple and vintage-like. i dig it.]

j crew :: timex military watch :: $150

[feminine lady meets rebellious teen. scrumptious.]

shopbop :: la mer motorcycle chain wrap :: $110

[white and ceramic. probably not a good combo for my tendency to spill and/or drop things, but whatevs. it’s rad.]

shopbop :: michael kors ceramic :: $450

are you there, santa? it’s me, murphy.