top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

griffin house :: the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind

“i’ve been lost and i need direction / i could use a little love protection”

miniature tigers :: cannibal queen

with lyrics like, “oh she lets me right in and i’m fed til i’m full” what’s not to love?

acrylics :: all of the fire

if you’re hoping for some pretty pictures in this here video, then look away. just press play and enjoy the sound, man.

blind pilot :: 3 rounds and a sound

(this one’s for you, love.) if the rest of you folks aren’t listening to blind pilot, then you just ain’t livin’. i mean, are you kidding me with these lyrics? swoon.

“i was sleeping / my eyes were dark / til you woke me / and told me that opening is just the start / it was / now i see you, til kingdom come / you’re the one i want / to see me for all the stupid shit i’ve done”

bobby mcferrin :: don’t worry be happy

of the not-at-all-new variety, this song is now a permanent fixture swirling around my head like a bad hangover, thanks to KFO’H. she’s forever whistling and humming this tune. can’t say i wholly blame her. it’s a piece of advice we could all stand to take. besides, it’s on the cocktail soundtrack, so uh, i beg you to explain how that could possibly be bad.


could i?

coming to grips with fashion reality can be downright disheartening. there are items that should never see the light of day beyond the runway, the store or online boutique. and then there are items that many of us should never, ever attempt to wear. like, for instance, jeans tucked into tall boots. while a truly stellar look on some women, it can turn into dumpfest-a-go-go on others (ie, moi). which brings to mind a few looks i ran across today. as such, are these so-called wants better in theory? should they remain out of my virtual shopping bag? perhaps. but it doesn’t mean i can’t ponder, dream and possibly come really dang close to convincing myself that yes, by golly, i CAN pull off that look.


i’m afraid this would just push me one paw closer to the “cat lady” category. but damn, i sure do think it’s groovetastic. leo and oshi give it 2 paws up. (laugh, if you will. i’m prepared.)

nasty girl :: prince peter, what's new pussycat? :: $68

i work in pharma, so is this a no-go or the greatest of irony at work?

nasty girl :: gold saturn, prescribed peace tank :: $42

i’ve accepted the sad realization that i cannot wear aviators. it is not a look my face can bear, and thus i will never be able to don my grandpa’s original aviators from his fighter pilot days in the USMC. but maybe, just maybe, i could manage these pups.

shopbop :: mosley tribes eyewear, FREECITY sunglasses :: $180

owls are one of mine and KFO’H’s faves. and tanks are typically one of my go-to’s in the warmer months. a win! but wait. the length and slouch of this has the potential to be wretched on little ol’ me. must rethink.

modcloth :: owl tank it! :: $27.99

the “should i?” or “should i not?” tuxedo shirt. i waffle on this guy, constantly. and solely because of my lack of height. my luck, the tuxedo part would extend to my waistline. that could be embarrassing.

j crew :: cotton tuxedo shirt :: $78

top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

just a few good tunes to flood your ear holes on this 2nd-to-last friday in february. (oh dearest spring, you are so near. close enough to touch, yet far enough to fear.)

savoir adore :: bodies

with fresh beats and a highly amped-up sound, this tune makes me wanna dance around the kitchen. once again, i sadly can’t seem to find a video to embed, so you’ll have to link away to listen. fiddlesticks.

listen here.

broken bells :: the high road

james mercer (aka, the shins) + brian burton (aka, danger mouse) = broken bells. thanks to my buddy, mikey o, for introducing me. me likey. sweet, interactive web site and even sweeter sound. (debut album available march 9. pre-order now.) perfect road trip accompaniment. btw: if you’re in LA tonight, broken bells will be live for the very first time at some place called the fold in bootleg theater. limited tickets are available here, so uh, hurry and stuff.

jason collett :: love is a dirty word

from the moment i heard “blue sky” on the l word soundtrack, i was sold. and not surprisingly, this new track doesn’t disappoint. (new album “rat a tat tat” in stores march 9.)

passion pit :: eyes as candles

oddly enough, this song is talk of much debate on the interwebs. it seems it and “to kingdom come” were mislabeled somewhere in the album world, and thus the lyrics got mixed up. according to the version i have, this is “eyes as candles.” whatever the name, i dig it. guitar plucking, electronic mix and “potpourri” in the lyrics. sold. (also courtesy of mikey o. he’s good, isn’t he?)

man/miracle :: hot sprawl

my ears have made more and more friends with bands like man/miracle thanks to urban outfitters’ music blog. every monday you can hop onto the UO blog and download 5 free songs. some, you will like. some, you will not. pinky swear.

most. unique. gift. idea. ever.

what a slacker, i am. no new posts in way too long. being preoccupied with love for the most incredible woman will do that to a girl.

ahhh. great googly moogly.

giddy love aside, i have found possibly the coolest gift idea ever on the planet in the universe: artwork made from your DNA. what? awesome, i know. no kidding, the dork in me is beyond blown away. although equally cool, i’m not as personally crazy about the custom kiss, but the DNA and fingerprint i NEED. completely unique and customizable from color to adding your own signature, these things are so. damn. rad. imagining them in a nursery, my eyes go wide, my hands turn clammy and my heart floods with warmth.

get your own:

dna for two :: 36x24 :: $650

fingerprint :: 12x12 :: $190

kiss :: 20x20 :: $290

top 5 new and not-so-new music faves

this week, cover songs. sometimes, they’re the worst idea ever–horrid, awful, embarrassing attempts to recreate something that should never be touched again. (kinda like when spielberg thought it would be a great idea to release that tom cruise disaster remake of war of the worlds.) but then, there are times when genius strikes and the remake is, dare i say, very nearly better than the original. these songs, in my humble opinion, fall in the latter category.

justin townes earle feat. dawn landes :: do i ever cross your mind

i played this literally 6 or 7 times at the end of my workday yesterday. and my ears don’t regret it. unfortunately, i can’t find a video, so you’ll have to link elsewhere to hear it, but its upbeat tempo and smooth sound will not leave you disappointed. (and…i’m listening to it again.)

listen here. *jazz hands*

the only one to ever come close to topping that version is the always lovely, never superfluous dolly parton. (that was for you, cody.)

pomplamoose music :: september

i would be remiss if i didn’t include the incredibly adorable duo of pomplamoose music. remember their version of single ladies? amazeballs.

constantines feat. feist :: islands in the stream

i’m a fanatical dolly parton admirer, what can i say? plus, it’s just a damn good song, and you know you like it, too.

joe cocker :: with a little help from my friends

sorry, folks, but cocker blows this beatles original out of the water–all day, every day.

sarah mclachlan :: river

i didn’t even realize this version existed until KFO’H shared it with me (where would i be without her? lost, obvy.). i don’t necessarily think it’s better than joni mitchell’s, but mchlachlan’s rendition is so beautiful, i couldn’t resist including it.

yer kyoot for the day

just what i needed: a good laff. thank you, icanhascheezburger for providing said laffs. now, go about your day, fellow fans of kiduns.

pfsht. pants are for suckers.

top 5 (pretty dang new) music faves

[i know, i know. i haven’t quite held up my bargain and promise of posting weekly music faves. sorry ’bout that. i promise to try harder. but until my desire turns to actual doing, here are 5 to fill the void.]

this week’s tunes are all brand spankin’ new. well, “new” in the truest sense to me, meaning my ears have never been privy to the sound. each tune made the cut just because the combo of lyrics and sound struck a chord with me. either that or i was just in the mood. whatever the rhyme or reason, i hope you enjoy.

(these first 2 hail from austin, giving me yet another reason to love the crap out of that city.)

brazos :: day glo

cannot get enough of this one. might even be so bold as to say it’s my favorite of the 5.

ola podrida :: this old world

best coast :: when i’m with you

“when i’m with you / i have fun”

vampire weekend :: horchata

i’ve found these guys invoke extreme feelings of adoration or disdain from music lovers. admittedly, it took me a couple listens to enjoy “horchata,” but i’m still drinking the VW kool-aid. and love ’em or hate ’em, they put out a new album, hence the addition to this week’s list.

rogue wave :: good morning