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two likes pressed together

i like letters.

i like letters that are pressed.


awesome, clean and simple, but ‘spensive.

room and board :: zeichen alphabet press-type :: $199

available in many colors. perfect nursery addition.

etsy :: sycamore street press, letterpress alphabet poster :: $30

holy geez. this jackpot requires a pot o’ gold.

(found via apartment therapy)

etsy :: yee haw, specimens of wood type :: $500

and finally, my favorite. i. must. have.

etsy :: beauchamping, alphabet :: $75

enjoying the view of letterpressed ABCs with the sound of savoir adore.


supersized combo of wants

as you’re probably well aware, most days i am filled with desire for an abundance of this and that. mondays shouldn’t be any different. and because sharing is caring, i offer thee a look into what has made me ooh, aww, grin, pine and/or salivate today.


i adore my lucky leather jacket, resting on my chair back right now, and have no plans to replace her for quite some time. but shut the front door! look at this pretty lady–err–jacket. really, the entire outfit is a giant want.

sb_sword novara leather jacket $902

s.w.o.r.d. :: novara leather jacket :: $902

i’m not normally one to swoon over wallpaper, but there’s something about this illusory stack of books with the likes of lolita and the town and the city that warrants a proper swooning.

anthro_stacked paperback wallpaper $198

anthropologie :: stacked paperback wallpaper :: $198

alright, so this one i can and probably will get. i just haven’t completely sold myself on the color, which obvy means i’m open to suggestions.

etsy_keep calm and carry on print $19.98

etsy :: keep calm and carry on :: $19.98

if/when the time comes to design a home of my own, i have no idea how i’ll ever be able to decide on permanent features. finality can scare the living cripes out of me. but i can say without doubt, i’ll need a sliding door. maybe even one like this built for jerry dugan of FLF films.

sliding door

david paul seoane :: sliding door

and not everything has to be a “thing” to want. sometimes, all i need is a new music find (new to me, mind you) to make me smile. enjoy.

stream and download: the soft pack :: red headed girl