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most. unique. gift. idea. ever.

what a slacker, i am. no new posts in way too long. being preoccupied with love for the most incredible woman will do that to a girl.

ahhh. great googly moogly.

giddy love aside, i have found possibly the coolest gift idea ever on the planet in the universe: artwork made from your DNA. what? awesome, i know. no kidding, the dork in me is beyond blown away. although equally cool, i’m not as personally crazy about the custom kiss, but the DNA and fingerprint i NEED. completely unique and customizable from color to adding your own signature, these things are so. damn. rad. imagining them in a nursery, my eyes go wide, my hands turn clammy and my heart floods with warmth.

get your own: DNA11.com

dna for two :: 36x24 :: $650

fingerprint :: 12x12 :: $190

kiss :: 20x20 :: $290